The power of self confidence

Imagine our children being self confident. Children who trust their own judgment, abilities and qualities. Dr. Albert Bandura describes self confidence as self efficacy and he believes that it can have an impact on a person’s motivation, actions and mood. Self confidence also boosts school performance in children, which helps instill a ‘try again’ mentality. If fuels optimism which helps create hopefulness.  Self confidence increases kids beliefs’ that they can achieve their goals.  According to Dr. Bandura, the path to self efficacy includes social modeling, positive reinforcement, mastery experiences and positive attitude.

How to build healthy self confidence in children:

1. Social modeling is a force in shaping children’s identities.  Be a good role model for your children by practicing self confidence.  Tell your child personal stories of how you got through difficult times.  In addition, share life stories of well known people who failed many times and kept trying.

2.  Positive reinforcement are words of encouragement from people you trust or admire.  Provide your child with the right message that they can rise to the occasion, they have the skills to succeed and they can manage a tough situation. Another example is to encourage your child’s plan or dreams.  More importantly, praise your child based on effort.

3.  Mastery experience refers to performing a task successfully and attributing the success to effort.  Teach your child the value of hard work and practice.  Encourage your child to become really good at something.  In addition, maintain high and realistic expectations for your child.  Furthermore, extend trust to your children by giving them a chore or responsibility within reason, based on their age and skill level.

4.  Positive attitude is a cornerstone of confidence.  A good mood builds perceptions of self confidence.  Positivity also helps our children see more options even when faced with a problem.  In addition, a positive attitude gives children the belief that they will cope and triumph.  Therefore, optimism helps to boost confidence.